My hardware mix has been odd this week. Been spending a lot of time on the #Chromebook; I use an iPhone, mainly google services, even though most of their apps are constantly crashing on the iPhone.

Is it sacrilegious that I’m listening to @applemusic on my #Chromebook?

What is everyone’s goto backpack, satchel, briefcase, or whatever? I’ve been using a @GoRuck GR1 for some time now. It’s a great backpack, but these days I’m wondering if a messenger bag or something of the sort would better suit me.

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I know there are browser extensions made to lock you out of different sites for periods of time to increase productivity. Can anyone recommend one? Thanks.

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From all my talk of Fastmail and iCloud, I am back on “Hey!”, I am even trying out hey for Domains. Something about hey just makes me want to use it. Maybe just it’s differences from traditional email. Every time I go check it I jump back into it.


The combination of @livingwriter and @grammarly on my #Chromebook makes for a snazzy portable writing environment.

So I am trying out the Grammarly keyboard for iPhone. To early to tell if it helps or makes life worse.

I have been jumping between @ProWritingAid and @Grammarly to help me sound like I know the English language. I decided to pay for a year of Grammarly with today’s Black Friday sale. I couldn’t pass up the deal.

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A wonderful talk: Revolutionary Love is the call of our times. From @valariekaur

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